Properly loading your clothes can ensure you are getting the best results from your washing machine

For Top Load Washers:

  1. Always add your detergent first.

This helps it spread more evenly and prevents excess sudsing. Whether you use liquid, powder, or single does pacs, the soap goes in first. This also lowers the risk of fabric becoming damaged by excess detergent sitting on it for too long. Some high efficiency top load washers come with a dispenser drawer; using this will allow the machine to use the detergent at specific times through the cycle.

  1. Never load clothes above the center agitator.

Instead, make sure all clothes are evenly dispersed around the sides. This ensures all clothes will be spread evenly enough to be washed. Overloading can also prevent water and detergent from thoroughly washing clothes that are too tightly packed together. This also helps prevent wrinkles and is easier on your washer.

For Front Load Washers:

  1. Use the detergent dispenser tray.

Most front load washers come equipped with a tray for detergent, using this will allow the machine to distribute the detergent at the appropriate times during the cycle. If you use single dose pacs, make sure they are put directly in the drum before the clothes to ensure they have enough contact with water to dissolve properly.

  1. Don’t load too close to the door.

Pile clothes high in the machine, but leave space between the load and the edge of the drum. This ensures clothes have enough room to move and will get full contact with the water and detergent. Clothing that is up against the washer door are extending past the drum and may not get full contact with the water.

Always Avoid Overloading

We all want to get laundry done in one load, but overloading your washer prevents clothing from being thoroughly clean. Water and detergent won’t be able to get to fabrics that are too tightly packed together. Overloading also causes fabric damage as it creates too much friction that can cause fabrics to pill. This can also cause washers to “walk” and shift out of position. Separating clothing into more exact loads is the best way to get the most out of your washer and prevent damage to your favorite fabrics.