Monday morning at work, co-workers greet each other with “How was your weekend?” and “What did you do?”.  I work with a regular cross-section of people, so I have been a little surprised at the increasing numbers of folks who reply, “Oh, I repaired my dishwasher,” “I built a deck,” or “I made my own moonshine!”  Just kidding about the last one, but it seems that more and more people are taking on do-it-yourself projects and getting great satisfaction from them.

DIY is the way to go

The Do-It-Yourself movement, while in one sense as old as humanity, has taken on greater than ever prevalence.  This can be in part because of the popularity of DIY shows on television, the ease of getting cheaper parts, and the overall cost savings.  I think there is a little more to it, though.

Inevitably, when friends tell me about a DIY success, there is an excitement and pride in their voice. They have taken on projects they were not sure they could do, found a way to complete them successfully, and saved themselves money.  That’s hard to beat!  One friend recently repaired the ice-maker in her refrigerator.  That seemed a pretty complicated chore for someone who was not a technician, so I had to hear that story!

It turns out her ice-maker had been down for the count for a while, but otherwise the appliance worked just fine. The ice-maker being out was a real pain, but she did not want to pay the high cost of an in-home service call just for convenient ice.  She wondered, “Why should I put up with this?  But do I have to pay a repair tech $70 or $80 to come out to the house only to tell me it doesn’t work?  I already KNOW that!”

So she took the bull by the horns and found a better way.  She visited Neli, an online appliance repair company, and their technician talked her through figuring out what the trouble was. To hear her tell it, in about 15 minutes she had gone online, described her problem, and determined the solution. The technician helped her find the right part at the best price, and there you have it!

She no longer has to put up with a daily annoyance and did not have to pay a small fortune.  Turns out, she learned that the repair would have cost her $250.  The Neli Technicians are even available to guide their customers through installing the parts needed to resolve a problem.

Take Stock of Your Appliances

That got me looking around my own house. I counted 3 appliances that actually were not performing at 100%. Some I had forgotten about, actually, because I had been putting up with it for so long.

My dryer had an obnoxiously loud squeak, my dishwasher only performs three of the four cycles it should, and the washing machine lid switch will occasionally stay stuck for hours after the wash is done.  Why am I putting up with this?

The reason I was putting up with malfunctioning appliances boiled down to two things: time and money.  Since all three of those appliances still mostly performed their functions, why take time off from work and pay as much for a service call for a minor problem I would a major one?  I kept thinking what my friend who repaired her own ice-maker had been asking: “Why live with it? Repair it yourself!”

How many people across the country are dealing with these daily inconveniences for the same reason?  A great number, anecdotal evidence tells me!  Now, though, with innovative companies like Neli taking the DIY movement to the next level, there is no reason to put up with it.

Don’t be Intimidated

Naturally we are all a little intimidated taking on a job we don’t know if we can do. Personally I would never have tried to repair a dryer. That is until my friend told me about Neli and explained that I would not actually be doing it alone.

Not only does the technician, through live chat and camera sharing, show you what to do, he stays online with you throughout the whole process. That takes a whole lot of the intimidation out of it! Get stuck? Your tech is right there to explain. Not understanding exactly what is going on? You can share your smart phone’s camera through Neli’s Virtually There™ camera sharing app, allowing the tech to see what you see. The technician can even mark your screen with a virtual pencil to make it even clearer!

Inspired, I now have three projects to get busy with! Now, I no longer have to put up with these everyday annoyances. With the help of Neli, I’ll just repair it myself!

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