When people learn about TinLizzee.com’s unique live online appliance repair service, they almost universally think that the concept is a great. The innovative idea that blows people away is that a certified and experienced technician can help a homeowner troubleshoot and repair their own appliance in real time using chat and live camera sharing for only $24.95.  The process saves the homeowner time and money and can be done on their schedule. We often hear “Why hasn’t anyone else thought of that”, and “Where did you get the name Neli?”

The folks at TinLizzee.com are always happy to answer those questions, as it speaks to the heart of the business. TinLizzee.com’s founder, Mary M. Nelson hit on the idea behind the business when her own washing machine stopped working, and after spending 5 hours on a Sunday searching the internet trying to find a video to help her, she realized there has to be a better way. What if you could find an experienced appliance repair professional to help you virtually and tell you what is wrong with your appliance, fixing it in real time? That seed of an idea grew into the most innovative new DIY appliance repair process to come along in years, but what about the name? Why not just “Online DIY Appliance Repair Help?”

Tin  Lizzie ” is the nickname for Ford Motor Company’s Model T car, produced between 1908 and 1927. Henry Ford wanted to build a reliable car that was affordable for just about anyone, and to do that he had to make it on an assembly line, using identical parts that were interchangeable. A side benefit of that was any handy car owner could do most of the repairs to their Model T themselves.

The ability to diagnose and repair your own vehicle pretty much launched the iconic “shade tree mechanic.” Soon, all across America car owners were finding that they could save money and time by fixing their “Tin  Lizzie ” themselves, and this fed into the larger Do It Yourself Repair movement that has grown steadily ever since, booming in the last decade.

When it came time to think of a name for a business that empowered people to do their own appliance repair, save themselves time and money, and leave them feeling pretty good about themselves, the old Model T came to mind. TinLizzee.com puts homeowners in the same position as the shade tree mechanic.  In fact, TinLizzee.com customers are better off, as they have certified, licensed technicians to assist them, where the home mechanic had to rely on what a friend or family member might know.

Most of us are a little uneasy taking on a job we don’t know if we can do. Appliance repair is one of those areas that can seem a little intimidating.  TinLizzee.com understands that and provides the experience and knowledge that the average homeowner lacks, allowing them to take on their repair with confidence. Not only does the technician show the customer what to do through live chat and camera sharing, the Tech stays online throughout the process. The technician is right there to tell you what to do. If you are still having difficulty, you can share your phone’s camera through Neli’s Virtually There™ camera sharing APP, allowing the tech to see what you are doing. The technician can even draw on your phone screen with a virtual pencil to show you what to do!

The old shade tree mechanics never had it this good! So, while the name Neli evokes the can do spirit fostered by the Model T, it is also a wonderful advancement in DIY. Just as the old Model T gave many car owners the ability to be their own mechanic, TinLizzee.com has made Do It Yourself Appliance Repair  become something any homeowner can do with confidence.