If you own an appliance, chances are it has failed at some time or other. This never seems to happen at a good time. Along with the appliance failure comes the unpleasant inevitable series of choices, most of which are costly or time consuming. If your appliance is past warranty, there are three ways you can go: buy a new one, call a service technician out, or repair your appliance yourself.

In order of expense, buying a new appliance is usually the most costly option, and is not generally necessary. Calling a service technician for an in-home repair is the second most expensive option in both time and money. Service calls often require two visits, one to diagnose the appliance problem and one to return with the part and then make the repair. The third option, repairing your appliance yourself, is almost always the most cost effective, but could be very time consuming and frustrating. DIY appliance repair can seem pretty daunting, or almost out of the question to many people, even to those folks who feel pretty confident about their handyman skills. It turns out, surprisingly, that most appliance problems are fairly easy to troubleshoot, and the repair can usually be accomplished with common tools found in your home already.

Just as with doing anything new, the difficulty in fixing a broken appliance yourself is knowing what to do and how to do it. Fortunately, there is a new and innovative company called nelihome.com who provides their customers with that knowledge and walks them through the diagnosis and repair. nelihome.com does this by pairing an experienced, certified appliance technician with the homeowner through live chat and camera sharing. The camera sharing is done using a feature called Virtually There™ that allows the homeowner to show the technician, using their smart phone’s camera, exactly what they are seeing.

Your ice maker stopped making ice, or your stop top isn’t working? With nelihome.com, you can figure out what’s wrong with that yourself. The dryer doesn’t dry your clothes, or the refrigerator isn’t cold enough? These are all common problems that are in many cases quite easy to repair. With an experienced Neli appliance repair technician at your side, you can save both time and money, and feel pretty proud of yourself.

For an example of appliance repair help, a recent Neli customer Elizabeth, had an ice maker that wasn’t making ice. Using live chat through Elizabeth’s phone, the Neli technician took her step by step through the diagnosis, and within minutes, he had found the problem. The technician then found Elizabeth the part online and provided her a link to where she could buy it for the best price. Later, after the Elizabeth had purchased and received the part, she launched a new live chat session, using the Virtually There™ camera sharing app. Using just a screwdriver, the technician guided Elizabeth through the process of removing and replacing the failed part with the new one. The repair took less than 45 minutes to accomplish. In total she only spent $75. Elizabeth saved over $250 using this new service compared to calling a repairman to her house, and a potential savings of $4,500 if she considered buying an entirely new fridge out of frustration- something definitely not in her budge! The added bonus was the time that she saved. She did not have to take any time off from work- or from her family- using nelihome.com.

Neli tells its customers that “it’s amazing how easy most things are to repair”, and they prove that with each customer. nelihome.com is the only online appliance repair company that features the Virtually There™ camera sharing app. They boast experienced appliance repair technicians, and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just like the repairs Neli assists their customers with, their website and app are easy to navigate and use.

Priced at just $35 for a diagnosis session and $40 for a repair, appliance repair help becomes a cost savings as well. Often a significant savings. Add to that the savings on purchasing the part without the service company’s mark up, and the total savings are often significant.

The two major considerations for whether or not to repair your appliance yourself are the cost and the time spent. In most instances, an appliance self-repair is your best course of action for both considerations. With the help of nelihome.com’s experienced technicians and innovative technology, it is much easier than you can imagine. There is much truth in the company’s motto, “Do-it-yourself doesn’t mean do it alone!”

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