The cost of home appliance repair gets more expensive as other related prices increase. You still end up with the same service, same company, but higher prices. Is that fair? In a typical scenario that sees you with a broken five year old washer, you’re forced to make a decision. Can I fix it myself or should I take a chance with an appliance repair company?

The answer depends on your level of experience and confidence to do it yourself, or whether you can afford to spend what might be hundreds of dollars on your five year old washer. I’ll break down (no pun intended) my reasons for both approaches.

Home appliance repair isn’t rocket science, and if you can screw in a light bulb, you’ll do fine. If you need guidance along the way, we’re here for you. When people face the decision about repairing a home appliance, money is usually the deciding factor whether to attempt a DIY appliance repair or pay a professional.

Why You Can and When You Shouldn’t

Like I said, home appliance repair isn’t difficult and the majority of repairs require basic tools most people already own. Of course, there’s a course of action for best results. Following guidance from a professional technician makes the job much easier and faster, too.

If your washer goes kaput and seems like the end is here, a quick diagnosis of the symptoms will, in most cases, reveal a simple reason and an easy repair. The techs at Neli come to us from a professional background in appliance repair and it’s likely your repair is one they’ve seen many times.

The difficulty of a repair will determine if it’s one you should attempt by yourself. There are times when the repair is extensive or dangerous and needs attention by a professional on site, but the initial diagnosis determines the level of repair needed.

Don’t Let This Happen to You

Pile of Broken Appliances

I can’t blame anyone who tries to save time and money and takes the DIY approach to every repair. Sometimes, we get in too deep and before we realize it, it’s too late to save the vacuum cleaner, toaster, or coffee maker.

We all have our limitations and if you get stuck on the big stuff, you should pick up the phone or open your laptop and contact us before it’s too late, and leave the repairs to us. We can help you through major appliance repair, and you can hone your skills on the others.

Professional Help and Guidance

Illustration of Person Repairing an Oven

Neli techs enjoy helping homeowners struggling to keep their home functioning, and when a key appliance (a washer in this case) stops working, we want you to know you’re not stranded. Help is always within reach. A phone call or an online request at Neli gets you in touch with the help you need, anytime or anywhere.



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