I’m sure the first thing you thought was, “What!?” Please, hear me out. Drying clothes is a basic function of laundry day, but what if I were to offer a few tips that would save money and provide better results, as in fewer wrinkles and shorter dry times?

I think we can agree, drying clothes in a dryer gives the best results over line drying, but saving money is on your list, too, right? I’ve provided several tips about getting the best drying results. Some you might already practice and some may be new. 

Today’s dryers use electronic moisture detection circuits to cut dry times to a minimum. Due to difficulties detecting different types and weights of fabric, precise detection sometimes triggers your dryer to stop before clothes are dry.   

Restricted airflow is the main reason for unreliable moisture detection. Blocked vents have their own symptoms such as low heat or warm, moist heat. In either situation, clothes will not dry properly in these conditions. The picture is an example of a blocked outside vent. No air gets through, causing long dry times and faulty moisture detection.

Proven Tips for Better Drying and Fewer Wrinkles

#1 – Check the dryer vent for buildup.

If the dryer vent is blocked or has restricted airflow caused by excessive lint buildup, bent, crushed, or long vents, air cannot flow and causes long dry times. In fact, continued use leads to moisture buildup and defeats the purpose of moisture detection for efficient drying.

As you run the dryer with poor ventilation, the cost of running it skyrockets due to multiple drying cycles. It wastes energy and your time!

#2 – Check the clothes as they come out of the washer.

Do they seem wetter than normal? Clothes too wet won’t dry well and take much longer to dry. The washer may not spin clothes properly, leaving excess water in them, leading to drying problems.

Your washer might be the culprit without you knowing it. If you have a question about your washer and its performance, the techs at Neli will diagnose the exact cause and guide you to a quick solution.

#3 – Try shaking out your clothes before drying them.

This helps minimize wrinkles and allows clothes to breathe easier while tumbling. You’ll notice shorter dry times, too.

#4 – Keep dryer and washer loads reasonable.

Clothes need room to move for better and faster drying with fewer wrinkles. The washer basket size doesn’t give you permission to fill it to the top. Halfway is the new rule for HE washers. As with dryers, washer loads need room to tumble for best results. Also, dry full loads for best efficiency.

#5 – I know it’s tempting to quickly add something to the dryer, but opening the door after it’s running and heating changes the moisture detection process and will likely change the estimated dry time.

#6 – Try line-drying!

Line-drying is still popular and several customers of mine have old dryers that look new! They won’t use the dryer unless it’s raining or some clothes won’t hang dry well. You can’t beat the fresh smell of clothes just off the clothesline! Remember to shake out the clothes to decrease wrinkles before line-drying.

We are here to help!

We hope these drying tips help you out. If you have more ideas, please let us know in the comments section below. We’ll add them in a future article with a shout-out to you (with your permission, of course)! We’re all about DIY and ways to save money for our loyal readers. As always, contact us with your DIY appliance repair questions anytime. We’d love to hear from you!  

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