If you’ve read any of my posts, you know I’ve been an appliance technician for a very long time. That said, I’ve had the pleasure to work on many home appliances. Appliance manufacturers have their own way of reinventing the mousetrap.

Some do a great job with longevity, ease of use, cost, and results. There are some who worry too much about a polished look on the outside, but neglect what customers expect – Quality.

Today’s post is my review of Samsung washers and dryers. I try to stay neutral in my reviews, but sometimes extensive personal experience would tip the scales in favor of, or against, a particular product.

I won’t review each model here, but instead provide a general overview of my experience with Samsung washers and dryers.

Front Load Washer Nightmares

Broken Front Load Washer IllustrationSamsung front load washers never stood the test of time in my experience. On the road as a technician presented me with ample opportunities to work on these machines. Many times I sat and scratched my head wondering why Samsung washers failed within a year or two of purchase.

It’s understandable a machine might suffer a catastrophic failure such as a broken spider on a front load machine basket. The spider is a tripod shaped assembly attached to the rear of the basket with a shaft extending out. The shaft slides into the rear bearing of the tub.

Under normal circumstances, the spider shouldn’t break for years, (if ever) necessitating a tub job, which is a total replacement of the basket and tub. The spider is obviously made with weak materials causing it to break.

To be fair, all front load washers require a tub job at some point in their useful lives. Failure in the first year is in my opinion, unacceptable.

Scary Issues with their Top Load Washers

If you researched Samsung top load washers recently, I’m sure you’ve seen the bad reviews for these units. They keep coming. I was involved in the nationwide recall on earlier models requiring installation of a kit to prevent the top of the machine from violently detaching during a spin.

I’ve heard horror stories about the tops flying off, tearing into walls, and ripping the water hoses off the machine causing a flooded mess. Samsung responded properly and offered a buyback, a large discount on a new model, or extended warranties. I suspect a majority of owners chose the buyback option and I wouldn’t blame them.

Repetitive Problems with Dryers

Modern dryers rely on good airflow for efficient drying. Samsung is no different. I repaired repeated heating problems directly related to minor airflow fluctuations. Samsung dryers seem too sensitive to these fluctuations and disable the heating circuit unnecessarily. The recommended repair is a heater assembly replacement.

The drive belt pulley assembly wears out quickly, disabling the dryer when the belt breaks or the pulley disintegrates. These two issues are bad enough, but tearing the machine down for repair can leave you with multiple cuts.

The sheet metal edges don’t receive treatment during manufacture, leaving razor sharp sections on internal components that cut you if you’re not wearing protective gloves. These situations present a perfect opportunity to use Neli’s exclusive Virtually There™ app to show you what to watch for and prevent injury!

Virtually There IllustrationWhile I was writing this review, I thought I would check current reviews of these products. Out of the dozen I read, dryers came out with a solid 4.6 / 5 stars and the main complaint is long dry times. Once again, the sensitivity of air flow plays a major role in moisture detection causing these issues.

Dryers are not complicated machines and need to run well for many years. I’ve seen dryers 30 years old and still running with no history of major repairs aside from an occasional drive belt or pulley. All things considered, Samsung dryers don’t hold up to normal, everyday use based on my personal experience.

My Final Opinion of Samsung Washers and Dryers

I have to hand it to Samsung with their innovative ideas and features. They’re good selling points, but I’ve found most people couldn’t care less about them. Steam dryers don’t produce steam at all. The “steam” is a mist of water sprayed onto the clothes while they’re tumbling.

Other selections for fabric type hardly perform how they’re advertised. The result? People use the timed dry option more than others. The controls get confusing and frustrating. C’mon, Samsung, all we want are dry clothes, right? Why not make it easy?

As for the washers, no thanks. They’re loaded with features and options, and they look great. The problem is once again, Quality. They’re unreliable.

I’m sure Samsung Customer Service is very busy these days!

Dissatisfied Customer on two adjacent red buttonsPlease understand my scathing review of Samsung washers and dryers is based on real, personal experience as a technician tasked with repairing the appliances. As some people mention in reviews of their own Samsung appliances, Samsung should stick with phones and TVs, which are top notch products.

I feel it’s important to advise our readers about the reality of owning and using products, good or bad, to guide them in their purchase decisions. Remember, we’re here to help you in all areas of owning home appliances. Diagnosis, repairs, or advice, it’s all here for you at Neli!

Come see us and find out what all the talk is about!

Before you go, please leave a comment below. We love to hear from our readers, and if you have your own story about experiences with appliances, this is the place to vent! Yes, pun intended.


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