DIY appliance repair is gaining in popularity daily as people like you find out there’s a better way to repair your appliances. In home appliance repair costs too much, and the delay makes it almost not worth it. You want your appliance repaired now because without it, your home stops functioning.

At Neli, we get it. Do-it-yourself appliance repair and caring, personal customer service is what we’re about, and it’s all we do. Who wants a technician in their home if it isn’t necessary? Is it fair you’re forced to pay exorbitant charges for a tech to arrive, then more money for labor, and even more for parts? We don’t think so.

We offer professional service anytime, any day by seasoned technicians who specialize on your appliance. No worries about getting accurate advice and repair help because our experienced and friendly techs understand every facet of your product.

Doesn’t that sound better than having to wait hours for a tech to arrive only to find out you have to wait for parts? Or, would you rather make a phone call and chat with a pro who will give you an accurate diagnosis at a fraction of the cost?

A Better Way

Do It Yourself Technician Repairing a Washing Machine

The techs at Neli, me included, love what we do and all of us are eager to help you solve your appliance repair problems. We’ve taken the “field” out of technician and moved to online appliance repair. We know it’s a better way to solve problems, most of which are minor and easy to fix.

Also, we know when a repair cannot be done properly without on-site professional service, but it’s becoming rarer because of the increased number of do-it-yourself people willing to jump in and get the job done. If a repair requires an on-site technician, you’ll know ahead of time what the repair involves, and whether it’s worth the time and cost, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Neli’s approach to online appliance repair offers a service that sets us apart from the competition. Instead of chatting and leaving you with more questions, our technology is light-years ahead with our exclusive Virtually There™ camera sharing app, available for free for your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.

As simple as a video chat, we can interact with your device camera while you show us what’s wrong with your appliance. We then direct you to aim your camera in places to help us diagnose visually. We’ll draw and annotate right on your screen virtually so there’s no question about the problem and the repair. This is “Repair Easy” in action!

Why DIY Appliance Repair is the Future

Pic of Smart Phone Communicating with a Group of Smart Home Devices

You might remember when cars were easy to fix and gradually became too difficult unless you were highly trained in electronics troubleshooting and advanced mechanical concepts. Advancements in technology touch everything in our lives. Smartphones, smart TVs, digital everything, including appliances of all kinds.

Electromechanical devices such as washers and dryers are becoming more complex with each new model. The good news is users won’t experience a maze of buttons and controls. Appliances are becoming easier to operate because they integrate common functions into the main controls of these technological marvels and do most of the thinking for you!

Inside these machines is where technology goes to work. Is a roast on the horizon? Just tell your oven what’s cooking, and it sets itself for you–temps, times, and options like browning. How easy is that? Here’s one you might love: Whirlpool’s latest popcorn feature in their microwaves counts how many seeds pop to determine if all have popped. It makes perfect popcorn every time. All you need do is tell the microwave the weight of the bag!

If you own one of these high-tech kitchen appliances and there’s a problem, what’s the first thought entering your mind about getting it working again? My guess is a technician who isn’t available for about a week. What if an online chat with a Neli certified tech helped you get it going in under an hour, and inexpensively? Many repairs don’t require an on-site technician.

We realize sometimes on-site repairs become necessary. On the chance a home visit is necessary, we arm you with information needed to understand what’s happening with your appliance. When the tech arrives, you won’t be at a disadvantage and can avoid unnecessary charges.

All of us at Neli hope you enjoyed reading how in-home appliance repair is evolving thanks to modern technology. We see the day soon when on-site technicians become the exception, and not the rule. As always, feel free to comment below and share this article on social media. We always appreciate your insight!

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