The First Virtual Home Appliance Repair Service is Here 

With Neli, technicians are fixing your appliances without setting foot in the home 

Raleigh, NC (October 7, 2019)  Today, the first virtual home appliance repair company announced its official rebrand from Tin Lizzee to Neli 

Neli is proudly a woman, veteran owned venture based in Sanford, North Carolina. Mary Nelson, its Founder and Chief Executive Officer started the company in February 2016 when her washing machine stopped working. After spending an entire Sunday searching the internet, trying to solve her problem with videos and forum posts, she said to herself: there must be a better way. 

The better way – virtually diagnosing and repairing appliances by conveniently connecting homeowners to certified technicians via their smart phone.  

More specificallyonce the homeowner and technician are connected, the technician diagnoses the appliance issue through live chatphone call, and camera sharing using the customer’s phone.  The tech shows the customer how to repair the appliance and stays online throughout the entire process. With Neli’s Virtually There™ camera sharing application, the tech can even draw on your phone’s screen with a virtual pencil to guide you through each step. 

May Nelson, Founder and CEO, said, “Neli’s purpose it to bring peace of mind and affordable solutions to every home America. Nothing like this exists in the marketplace. By enabling every home owner to diagnosis and repair their own appliances, Neli is empowering people to take control of their home for only $35.” 

Affordability is mission-critical to Neli. Repairing an appliance can put a massive financial burden on the home while pausing the essential every day activities. Neli’s mission is to revolutionize the home repair industry by removing that financial burden from the homeowner with its innovative technology.  

“We already rely on our phones to instantly lock our doors, turn on the lights, or turn down the air. Why wait around to diagnosis your appliances when you could do it in minutes, over the phone, and without anyone physically entering the home,” says Mary. “This technology is going to transform the home repair industry, period.” 

Along with the new name, look and feel, Neli launched a new website where you can check out the process, read repair tips and tricks, and conveniently make an appointments 

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About Neli 

Neli is the first virtual appliance repair application connecting homeowners to certified technicians via their smart phone. By providing convenient and affordable solutions to every home in America, Neli empowers homeowners to take control of their home. Neli is based in Sanford, North Carolina with a team of technicians located around the US.  



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