The error codes in this section refer to Bosch’s NEXXT dryer series (circa 2006). They’re good machines like many Bosch products. Just like any others, they have their own set of problems. However, the basic and common problems universal to all dryers give Bosch owners headaches, too. 

An example is the problem of blocked or restricted air flow. Most manufacturers publish customer error codes that don’t require service by a professional technician. The codes represent a problem the consumer should understand and take responsibility for solving. 

The most common consumer error code with a Bosch dryer is an E01 or E03 code. Either of these translate to an airflow problem. Restricted (i.e. crushed vent at the back of the dryer) airflow or a blocked vent directly contribute to one or both of the codes. 

Overheating happens with restricted airflow, while under heating (i.e. my dryer doesn’t heat) occurs when temps rise quickly because of a blocked vent, and the heat turns off too soon because the thermistors sense the temperature is satisfied and shuts down the heater, leaving warm, moist air inside the dryer. 

To help prevent heat related issues, always keep the lint screen clean. It’s best to clean it after every load. A lint screen that’s full of lint or clogged from dirt has the same effect as a blocked or restricted vent. 

Accessing the Error Codes

During normal operation, no codes show up, but if there is an airflow problem, the dryer control will notify you via the display on the console. Consumer codes E01 or E03 show up in this case. All other error codes require that you enter the diagnostic test mode. Here are the steps: 

  1. Press and hold the START/STOP and DELICATES buttons and turn the cycle selector knob to EXTRA DRY-REGULAR/COTTON. 
  2. Push the START/STOP button and scroll through any existing codes. 
  3. Exit the test mode by returning the cycle selector knob to the OFF position. 

Bosch NEXXT Dryer Error Codes

E01, E11, E12 – Overheating. Presumably caused by blocked airflow. Bosch does a good job at detecting this condition, but always clean the lint screen and verify that your vent from the dryer to the outside isn’t crimped or crushed, or clogged at the end of the vent that exits the house. 

E03 or E13 – There are multiple reasons for this error. Bosch sets the maximum drying time at 4 hours, which is a very long time for one drying cycle. The first and most common cause is a load that’s too large. Clothes need room to move, similar to that of a washer. 

Another cause is blocked or restricted airflow creating a low heat condition. Once again, make sure the lint screen and vent are clean and clear.

This condition could be an open heating element. With a gas dryer, the ignitor or some other issue will cause this error. 

Moisture sensing strips which are two curved, metal strips just inside the dryer door might have dirt or a buildup of residue caused by dryer sheets. It’s a simple matter to use vinegar or glass cleaner to remove the buildup.  

If nothing seems to work and you still see the same issue, it’s time to contact Neli. We can help you troubleshoot any problem and get your dryer up and running inexpensively and without the hassle of scheduling on-site service! 

E17 – Lint screen temperature sensor error. Most times the harness that connects to the sensor lost its connection because of vibration or age. Worst case is the sensor failed and needs replacing. The sensor is a simple NTC thermistor (negative temperature coefficient).  

E18 – Heater temperature sensor error. Once again, check the harness that connects to the NTC thermistor. Age and vibration are the main culprits. Check the thermistor for resistance that increases as temperature decreases (NTC). 

E20 thru E26 – Defective main control. If you see this error, try unplugging the unit for 10 seconds and try again. If either of the errors show up, you’ll have no choice but to replace the main control. 

We hope this information gets you ahead of the problem you’re having with your dryer. We understand the frustration of not having the knowledge or experience to repair your appliances. That’s why Neli exists. 

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