Ventless dryers are great for those tight spaces in apartments or anywhere space is at a premium. They’re a great invention, but just like other dryers they have their problems, too. The list of error codes below should help you get very close to the source of the problem, but they’re not always spot-on. That’s why Neli is here to help. Contact us anytime if you need us.

EH1, EH2, or EH3 – The control shows a supply voltage problem. Unplug the machine and remove the protective plate over the electrical connections. Have your meter ready, then plug in the machine and be careful not to touch the connections! Measure the input voltage to confirm the error. Your reading should show between 208 Vac and 240 Vac. If it doesn’t fall in this range, either the pigtail (power cord), the socket for the plug, or the wiring is faulty. Call an electrician to repair the problem.

Ex21 or Ex22 – Condensate drain pump failure. Start by checking the connections between the condensate drain pump and the main control.

Ex31 or Ex32 – Humidity sensor failure. As with other errors, check the connections between the sensor and the main control, and repair if necessary.

Ex45 – Open door. Possible defective door switch.

Ex51 – Drive motor failure. Check the windings and connections at the motor first.

Ex52 – Thermal cutout tripped on the drive motor.

Ex53 – Motor sensing circuit error. This could be an erroneous error. Cycle power and try again.

Ex54 – Drive motor stalled. Check for mechanical restrictions.

E57 or E58 – The inverter board is drawing too much current.

E59 – No tachometer signal from the motor.

E5A – The inverter board sent an “overheat” alarm to the control. Many times, this error shows that the ambient temperature in and around the dryer is too high.

E5H – Control is sensing the motor input voltage is below 100 Vac.

E5C – Control is sensing the supply voltage is above 240 Vac.

E5D or E5E – Communication error between the inverter board and the main control.

E5F – The inverter did not start the main drive motor. Confirm input to inverter from main control.

Ex62 – Shorted compressor. Contact us to help you diagnose this problem. If troubleshooting confirms this error, only a licensed refrigeration technician can replace the compressor because of Freon handling requirements.

Ex63 – Compressor not starting or running. Contact us to help you diagnose this problem. If troubleshooting confirms this error, we can help narrow the cause to one or two components. A compressor replacement, if necessary, requires a licensed refrigeration technician to replace the compressor because of Freon handling requirements.

Ex64 – Compressor sensor circuit failure reported to the main control.

Ex71 – Temperature sensor failure.

Ex83, Ex86, or Ex87 – Main control board failure.

Ex91 – UI (user interface) communication failure.

Ex92 or Ex98 – The UI is incompatible with the main control.

Ex9E – No input from one or more of the UI buttons.

ExH1 – The control monitors the incoming line voltage frequency and shows this code when it’s out of programmed limits.

ExH2 – Power supply voltage is too high, over 130 Vac. ExH3 – Power supply voltage is too low, under 100 Vac.

ExH4, ExHD, ExHE, ExHF, or ExF6 – Main control board failure.

We hope you’ll find this list of error codes useful. As a lifelong tech myself, I always appreciate accurate information, especially when troubleshooting. The list here is complete and up-to-date based on the latest information available. We know errors and omissions might happen, and if you find something on this list that is incorrect, please let us know in the comments section below. We always welcome input from our readers because when we work together, we all win! Remember, you can make an appointment with a certified tech at Neli anytime.


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