Electrolux IQ Ventless DryerThe Electrolux IQ-Touch dryer is another in a line of condensing ventless dryers from Electrolux. They’re compact and easy to place when space is an issue. Though they’re not as robust as a standard electric dryer, they get the job done.

We’ve put together a list of possible error codes you might experience with these dryers. As with any error code, they get you close to the cause and solution but that’s only half the battle. That’s where Neli comes to the rescue.

We can walk you through any repair using our unique camera sharing technology for real-time repair and diagnosis of the problems all of us face with home appliances. When you need us, we’re right here! So, go ahead and repair your stuff, knowing you always have help just a click away.

Electrolux IQ-Touch Dryer Error Codes

E31 – Moisture sensor feedback frequency is too high. Clean the sensor bars inside the dryer first and repair any damage, if any.

E32 – Moisture sensor feedback frequency is too low. Once again, dirt on the sensor bars or damage to them might be the cause.

E42 – Dryer door open. Test the door switch with your meter. If open or intermittent, replace the switch.

E51 – Motor relay failure. The motor might be intermittent or no operation.

E52 – Motor stopped or won’t start. Check for mechanical restrictions. If you find none, contact us to help walk you through to confirm the cause.

E53 – Drive motor centrifugal switch failure. Reach out for help. We can pinpoint the cause.

E54 – The drive motor relay circuit failed.

E61 – Heater relay failure.

E63 – The control detected a ground short at the heating element.

E64 – Open heating element circuit.

E65 – Main control detected the high limit thermostat tripped to often (electric only). Contact us for help in finding the cause.

E66 – Tripped thermal fuse. There is more than one cause for this error. If you don’t know for sure how to proceed, contact us for help.

E66 – Heating sensor circuit failure triggered by the main control.

E71 or E72 – Outlet thermistor is out of range.

E73 – Inlet thermistor is out of range.

E74 – Similar to E54, drive motor relay circuit failure.

E91 – Communication error. Typical cause is communication between UI (user interface) and main control.

E92 – Mismatch between UI and main control.

E93 – The control and peripherals aren’t matched or configured.

E94 – Configuration error internal to the main control.

E97 –  A program mismatch internal to the main control.

EA1 – The control sees the frequency of the incoming power out of range (should be 60Hz). Contact the power company for correct power and frequency.

EA2 – The control detected incoming voltage above 130 Vac.

EA3 – The control detected incoming voltage below 90 Vac.

EA4 – The control detected incorrect wiring on the terminal block.

EA5 – This is a fatal error of the main control, meaning that you must replace it.

EF1 – The temperature regulation in the dryer isn’t correct and triggered this “blocked vent” error code.

EF3 – Maximum drying time for the selected cycle has passed and clothes are still wet. A strong indication of blocked or restricted air flow.

EF8 – This error indicates a stuck key on the UI.

When you’re troubleshooting your appliance and you experience one of the codes above, don’t take them as the exact cause every time. Sometimes, the code is obvious, like a door sensing error. That’s an easy one. It’s the more involved codes such as an E53 centrifugal switch error on the motor that can throw you off.

The switch provides a path for L2 power for the heating element in an electric dryer. If it’s missing, the dryer won’t heat, which is probably what the error code is trying to tell you. In other cases, if the belt breaks, the motor stops which also opens the centrifugal switch and generates the error because L2 is again missing.

Appliances seem simple enough, but symptoms can lead you astray and you’ll struggle to repair a relatively simple problem. You can take the YouTube route but do so with caution. A better, faster, and less stressful way to get your stuff running again is with a live chat with a Neli certified technician.

You can’t go wrong with our service. We’ll talk with you on the phone, or video chat and work together to find and solve the problem. Many times you won’t need parts, but when you do, we give you the part numbers and sources for the parts.

After you have the parts, you’re welcome to call us for a repair session for assistance if necessary. As always, if you like what you see here, please tell us in the comments below. Your thoughts and ideas are important and help us understand if we need to change things up or stay the course.

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