Whirlpool WEE510S0FS Electric Range Welcome to the latest edition of Neli’s DIY Appliance Repair Series. Today, I’ll to delve into the error codes for the Whirlpool WEE510S0F series electric front control range. This range has been around a few years, so it’s likely you’ve seen the most common error with this unit. The F5E0 and F5E1 error codes tell you either the oven door latch or the switches have a problem.

The error only comes up during a self-clean which I think should happen before you activate self-clean. That’s because if it starts and the door remains locked after the error, there’s no way to release the latch.

You can be persistent and try to activate/deactivate self-clean several times with the hope of the latch moving far enough to unlock the door. If that won’t work regardless of how many times you try, you can access the motor and switches from the back after removing the back panel.

You’ll find linkage (see picture, items 32, 33, 34) there you can disconnect and then pull the rod to unlock the door. Inspect the mechanism for damage or bad switches. Check the switches with a meter set to reading resistance. If one or both don’t check OK, save yourself a headache and replace the switches. They’re not repairable, at least not very often.



Oven Door Latch

When you have the new switches installed, double-check the position of the linkage and the motor. If it’s not correct, disconnect the rod and apply power to the unit. The motor should return to home position (door unlocked). If the motor stopped on the switches, then put everything back. Next, start a self-clean and wait until the door locks. Before the cleaning begins, cancel the self-clean and confirm that the door unlocks.

Accessing Error Codes

To confirm an error code, press CANCEL, CANCEL, START. If there are no codes, “CLr” shows on the display after pressing the “UP” key 5 times, otherwise, the active error code will show on the display after pressing the “UP” key 6 times.

No Display

No Display


Confirm a “no display” problem caused by the control by checking incoming power at the terminal block. You should read 240 VAC across the outside terminals, and 120 VAC from center terminal to left, and center terminal to the right. If not, you need to check the incoming power, beginning at the breaker box.

Find the correct breaker and see if it’s tripped. If so, reset the breaker and check voltage again. A breaker that won’t reset or trips when you reset, suspect a problem inside the unit. We can help determine the source. Go to Neli Home and set a virtual appointment.

If the power is OK, and still, there’s no display, your only choice is a new control.

For most Whirlpool appliances, an F1Ex error code almost always guarantees a failed control.

F1E0  –  F1E1  –  F1E2 Error Codes

Error codes F1E0-F1E1-F1E2


The F2E1 error code is a shorted keypad. This is usually accurate, and you will know because either the keypad failed completely, or it beeps whether you press a button.

F6E1 Error Code

F6E1 Error Code


This is a “thermal runaway” error code, and it’s usually caused by a failed oven temperature sensor or the main control. Find the temp sensor on the back wall of the oven, either upper right or upper left. It looks like a metal pointed probe sticking out from the wall. Typically, it’s mounted with one or two screws accessible from inside the oven. Find the harness and connector on the back of unit after removing the back cover.

Check the resistance of sensor with your meter set to resistance. A normal reading is 1K – 1.2 kΩ (kilohms). With the readings normal and the error still occurring, replace the control. If the readings don’t come close, don’t take a chance. Replace the sensor regardless. I’ve had a few issues over the years with a good sensor, only to find the bake relay shorted on the control.

F9E0 Error Code

F9E0 Miswired house power or range

This is an unusual error code, but if it happens, be sure to check incoming power following the steps mentioned earlier under the heading “No Display”. When you’ve confirmed the wiring, take a look at the pigtail from the range. Is it burned anywhere in or around the plug? If so, call an electrician unless you’re qualified for this repair.

This concludes this edition of Neli’s DIY Appliance Repair for the Whirlpool Series WEE510S0F range. We hope you find the information helpful and remember to review the Tech Sheet supplied with your unit. It’s on the back panel or inside the bottom drawer cavity. It has detailed information that I couldn’t include here for brevity.

As I said earlier, Neli is here for you any time. Just go online to Neli Home and set up an appt. We’ll assist you in troubleshooting whatever appliance issue you’re experiencing. Thanks for reading.