Welcome to another edition in Neli’s DIY Appliance Repair Series. Today’s post is about the model WED6120HW series dryer. You know this is Smart capable, but I won’t be talking about that today. If you’re having issues, it’s best to set up an appointment with a Neli virtual tech to help.

This model of dryer resembles many earlier models. The control sits on top, under the console. The heater is parallel to the floor unlike other models with the lint screen accessible from the top and the heater mounted vertically in the back.

That makes the location of the parts a little different, but they function the same as before. Let’s start with one specific error that I’ve seen a few times, but I don’t know if it’s caused by connector error or vibration. It’s the F2E2 “Contact Service” error code that shows on the display. It’s happened enough that Whirlpool created a service pointer to address the problem. Below, I’ve included a few pics from the pointer.























F2E2 Contact Service Error Code 2Look at the top pic and check your serial number. Not all machines have this problem, but it doesn’t hurt to check to see if yours is on the list. The list in the upper left corner of the top pic. The same error code applies to the matching washer, too.

Sometimes the ribbon cable comes loose and causes the error. Remember to remove power from the dryer first! If the connector seems fine, your only choice is a new control. There’s no programming involved, so it’s just plug and play to get back running error-free.


Error Codes Explained

WED6120HW Error Codes Table


F1E1 – This code follows Whirlpool’s standard nomenclature. The F1E1 code tells us the control can’t see voltage on the board, and it’s usually correct. But to be sure, check the incoming voltage for 220 VAC for an electric version and 110 VAC for gas. If that checks OK, replace the control.

F2E1 – This is a stuck keypad button. Because you can’t get into diagnostics to see the error, take their word for it. Replace the console.

F2E2 – Contact Service error. See the beginning of this post. 

F3E1 – If the exhaust thermistor resistance measurement is over 50KΩ or less than 500Ω, replace the thermistor.

F3E2 – If the moisture sensor strips are bent, missing, or disconnected, try reconnecting them after cleaning. If they’re not working, replace the sensor harness part number WPW10298258. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the strips and make sure they’re not bent, and they lay flush.

F3E3 – If the inlet thermistor resistance measurement is over 245KΩ or less than 328Ω, replace the thermistor.

F3E5 – On units with rear moisture sensors, use the same procedure as F3E2. 

F6E1 – This communication error is many times corrected by cycling power. If that doesn’t work, then check for a likely faulty connection between the control (ACU) and the user interface (HMI).

Consumer Notifications

If you have a power failure, you’ll see PF on the display. Just press the power button to clear and to restart the cycle.

This dryer will tell you when it detects a blocked vent or restricted airflow. But I wouldn’t rely on that too much because if your dryer needs cleaning, the thermistors will act up and trigger the message even when there are no restrictions in the vent. Always keep your vent clear for the best results.

If you notice longer dry times, it’s likely there’s an airflow restriction somewhere in your vent. A quick paper test will tell you. Open the door, remove the lint screen, and set it aside. Take a piece of 8.5 x 11-inch paper and place it in front of the lint screen area while you run the empty dryer with the door open. The paper should “stick” to the lint screen area. If it doesn’t, you have blocked or restricted airflow.

If you’re not comfortable with this test, that’s OK. You can also check for a crushed vent at the back of your dryer and a clogged screen at the end of the vent where it exits to the outdoors. These are common places for lint to accumulate and will cause long dry times.

I hope this post was informative and helpful. But if you have any trouble with your dryer, regardless of the problem, please remember to reach out to Neli and make an appointment. We can help you troubleshoot the issue and resolve it quickly.

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