WDT750SAKV 3rd Rack Dishwasher

It’s time again for another venture into the world of DIY appliance repair. Today, I’ll be talking about Whirlpool’s 3rd rack dishwasher model WDT750SAKV that does surprisingly well considering limited space. 

You already know it’s a rock-solid unit that does its job and can pack a lot of dishes into it, but not that many. Just use common sense when loading by remembering if you block water flow, your dishes won’t get clean.

I’m going to start out with the most common error codes of the WDT750SAKV I’ve seen, with their real-world explanations. I’ll then get into a few of the more unusual codes and their fixes. 

WDT750SAKV Error Codes Group 1:

The error codes in this section are the most common you’re likely to see with your WDT750SAKV.


Of these, the F2E1 stuck key error is by far the most common one. Something to keep in mind with this error, if you repeatedly press keys in rapid succession, this error may show up. The error codes in this section are the most common you’re likely to see. Of these, the F2E1 stuck key error is by far the most common one. Something to keep in mind with this error, if you repeatedly press keys in rapid succession, this error may show up.

F4E2 and F4E3

The next common error is the F4E2 or F4E3, both of which show a heater error. In the strip circuit, you can see that it’s either an open or shorted element. If you find the heater checks OK, suspect the heater relay on the main control. Sometimes, you will have erroneous heater errors when it’s the main control causing the code, especially if you see the F1E1 error which shows the main control failed.

WDT750SAKV Error Codes Group 2:


The door switch stuck open. You won’t often see this one because if the machine won’t start and the door is open, the control is paused. But if you do see it, check the door switches inside the latch. TIP: Don’t do this with power applied to the machine. It’s a quick way to get poked or worse, blow the control. 


I have seen the F6E1 for a user interface failure. It’s usually caused by a communication error between it and the ACU. Check this carefully because you don’t want to replace the interface when the control is the problem. You can access the tech sheet placed inside the machine or inside the interface housing.  Or, another choice is to make an appointment and we’ll walk you through troubleshooting this issue. 


Although the F8E1 code for no water exists, I’ve never seen the code when the machine isn’t receiving water, and I have seen my share. So, don’t assume the machine is failing because it’s not showing this code when it’s not receiving water. It could be the water inlet valve turns on but the solenoid is stuck, blocking water flow, or some other reason the control can’t detect. If you have no water, check the incoming water first, and then the voltage at the valve. 

WDT750SAKV Error Codes Group 3:

The codes in this group tell the whole story. Especially having to do with water and the inlet valve. You will know if your inlet valve is stuck open if there’s no power to the machine and the water still pours into the dishwasher. If your drain pump starts up when the water level is too high, you know the float switch is working. When you’re troubleshooting, always use your senses of hearing, smell, and sight. They help you more than you realize. When dealing with water issues, stay alert because you could have a flood on your hands if you’re not paying attention. 


WDT750SAKV Error Codes Group 4:


If you have a drying problem with no obvious causes, you might still have a failed vent wax motor blocking the hot air from venting out of the machine. The code is F10E2, but I wouldn’t wait until you see it. Be proactive and check the motor for an open. One of the symptoms you may see is a puddle of water on the floor after every wash. It’s usually on the left side in line with the vent on the door. One minute there’s nothing there, then suddenly water avalanches out onto the floor. Water pools up inside the vent in the door until it overflows and leaks onto the floor. 


The next one came about during the time when Whirlpool dishwashers started having a leak at the diverter in the center of the sump assembly. When that happened, the only fix was a new sump. Fortunately, you won’t see the leaks hardly ever today, but they fail when they can’t find a home position, and you get an F10E4 error code. 


Another diverter error is F10E5 which means a diverter leak is detected. Whenever you see this, check the diverter gasket for damage. Diverter leaks occur in the center of the sump and leak small amounts of water onto the floor, completely out of sight. Then one day you realize your floor is warped from the constant dripping from the diverter. 

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