Everything from real estate purchases to medical checkups can be handled digitally these days, and virtual appliance repair is another technological advancement that makes our lives easier. Why hang around for days waiting for a repairman when there’s a smarter way to repair the device yourself?

It’s a no brainer, really.

Traditional appliance repair can be a pain because you have to schedule an appointment with a repair professional, which might take days if not weeks. The waiting doesn’t end there. After the diagnostic appointment, you’ll wait for a quote. Then you’ll wait for however long it takes for spare parts to arrive. Then, when you’re almost at breaking point, you’ll need to schedule yet another appointment for someone to finally do the repairs.

Throughout all of this, you’ll be sitting without your oven, refrigerator, or washing machine. It’s frustrating and inconvenient. Virtual appliance repair truly is the better option. Here’s why:

You Get Same-Day Help

On average, every household owns between 5 and 7 major appliances. Some of these are necessities. Some of them might not be. However, in the unfortunate event that one of your more important appliances breaks down, you want to get it fixed up pretty quickly.

Waiting for a traditional repair technician – as we’ve discovered already – can take a while. With virtual appliance repair, you get help on the same day, especially if you’re working with Neli. In fact, they’ll even help out on weekends and at night.

Appliances tend to break when it’s most inconvenient; when you finally get home after a long day at work or on a Sunday afternoon when you’re trying to wind down before another long week. Usually, you’d have to wait until the next weekday morning to call in a repair person. That’s not ideal when you’re swamped at the office, or carting the kids to and from school. You have to find a time that works for you and hope that the repair tech is available too.

Virtual appliance repair means that you can call in at almost any time and get the help you need when it suits you.

Virtual Appliance Repair is More Affordable

In terms of pricing, normal technicians often charge upwards of $100 just for their service. This doesn’t include parts, additional call-out fees, or a myriad of additional costs that can be slipped into the invoice. You have no control over what you’re paying for and without much knowledge of what is actually wrong with the appliance, you have no way of knowing whether you’re being overcharged or not.

A consultation with a virtual appliance repair technician costs as little as $35. It’s extremely affordable but there’s more to it than a mere price tag. You’re learning as you go along, which means that – in the future – you’ll be better equipped to gauge whether you’re being overcharged for repairs.

Better Care & Attention

When you call on a virtual appliance repair technician, you’re chatting with someone who actively wants to help you. They don’t just want to get in, do the job, and get out. They’re intent on empowering you to do the job yourself.

Believe it or not, this scenario is a win-win for you and the repair technician. You might be saving on costs but they’re saving too. Because they aren’t traveling and are saving on gas and other expenses, they’re under less stress. Less stress is a fantastic incentive for them to make sure that you get the help you need.

Covid-19 Compliant

While we’re all pretty sick of hearing about it, Covid-19 is still with us. It’s better to be safe than sorry – both for you and the repair technician. Virtual appliance repair means that you can get your appliances repaired without bringing a stranger into the house. It also means the technician doesn’t have to travel door to door, putting his or her health at risk.

Wherever possible, we still need to try and remain within our safety bubble and this is just one more way to do it.

Less Worry About Legitimacy

When looking for an in-person repair technician, you need to spend some time doing research. If you’re not financially able to go with a bigger brand, you often find yourself looking at a local handyman. While it’s great to support small businesses, you do still need to make sure that you’re hiring the right person/company.

Finding a repair person who is affordable and guaranteed to deliver on their promises isn’t always easy. Often, you’re relying on reviews and word of mouth. While they might do a great job for someone else, you might not be as lucky, especially when there’s complicated technology involved. These days, appliances are fiddly and difficult to work with. One wrong move and you end up with a mountain of additional problems.

Neli’s virtual appliance technicians are all trained and vetted. We’re familiar with all the latest appliance models and brands. We do our homework so you don’t have to.

Trust Neli Virtual Appliance Repair – You’re in Good Hands

When you’re in a bit of a fix, we’ll pair you up with the right technician. We’ll do a video call with you to help you assess the problem. If it’s something you can repair on the spot, we’ll walk you through it. If you need to order an extra part, we’ll do it for you and have it delivered right to your address so that we can help you with the next step in the repair process.

It’s all about fixing your appliances according to your schedule, your budget, and your comfort level.

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