WFW560CHW series front load washer

Welcome to another fun-filled and educational edition of the Neli DIY Appliance Series! The Whirlpool WFW560CHW series of front load washers represent a new, err, newer line of washers that are sleeker and more modern looking than their predecessors. 

I’m not sure anyone really cares how they look, but worry more about how they perform. From that perspective, I would say that in typical Whirlpool fashion, they’ve done an excellent job. 

A few new error codes were added as the machine was designed, and I’ll talk about a few of them here. As always, refer to the Tech Sheet included with your machine for detailed information about the codes and troubleshooting. 

We know you might not feel comfortable tackling some of the jobs with your washer. In that case, remember you can always book an appointment with Neli. We’ll help you troubleshoot and walk you through the repair and get your machine running again! 

To begin troubleshooting your particular error code, you’ll have to access them by following these steps:

Activating the Service Diagnostic Mode

  1. Make sure your washer is on standby mode with all indicators off.
  2. Wait 30 seconds after the initial power has been applied before activating the Service Diagnostic mode.
  3. Choose any three (3) buttons (except for POWER) and then follow the steps below, and remember the buttons and the order in which they were pressed.

In 8 Seconds:

* Press and release the first selected button.

* Press and release the 2nd button.

* Press and release the third button selected;

* Continue the 3 button sequence two more times.

If the buttons chosen don’t work, choose another set that does. After you’re done, you may have to replace the HMI (human machine interface) a.k.a. User Interface. 

After the Service Diagnostic mode is entered successfully, all indicators are illuminated for five seconds. “338” and “83” will be displayed in the Estimated Time remaining seven-segment displays. All indicators will temporarily turn off if there are no saved fault codes. The seven-segment display, however, will then display “888” and “88”. The most recent error code shows immediately after entering the Service Diagnostic Mode. Press the 3rd key used to advance the display of other stored codes, if any. 

NOTE: Service Diagnostic mode will shut down after 10 minutes of inactivity by the user, or if AC power is disconnected.

Error Codes

Remember when you’re reading the codes, the letter F is the category, and the letter E is the component the control says triggered the error code. They’re always stated like this: F#E#. 


F0E5 –  Off Balance Load. Load could be unbalanced or too large. Avoid tightly packing the load. Avoid washing single items.

F1E1 – Main relay open or shorted. Main relay issue. Replace ACU. 

F1E2 –  MCU over- or under-voltage error. Check household voltage.


F3E1 –  Pressure sensor signal missing or out of range. Check or replace the water level sensor. 

F3E5 –  Dry NTC fault. Fault is displayed if the dry temperature sensor is out of range, or open circuit or short circuit is detected. The wash function is still operable, but the dry function will not operate. Note: Not on all models

F3E6 –  Accelerometer error. Check or replace the ACU (main control). 


F4E1 –  Wash heater relay error or no feedback signal. Error is generated when the ACU cannot detect the temperature rise of the wash heater. Suspect the wash heater element. 


F5E2 –  Lock failure. Replace the door lock.

F5E3 –  Unlock failure. Replace the door lock. 


F6E1 –  No communication from the HMI detected by ACU. 

F6E2 –  No communication from the ACU detected by the HMI. 

F6E3 –  No communication from the MCU detected by the ACU. Replace the ACU. 


F7E8 – OR –  F7E2MC/MCU over temp error or MC/MCU over current error/internal failure. Check for obstruction between the spin basket and outer tub. Check harness continuity and connections between ACU and motor.

F7E12 –  OR –  F7EC MC/MCU Overload. Check for obstruction between the spin basket and outer tub. Check harness continuity and connections between ACU and motor.


F8E1 –  Valve failure. Water Inlet Valves

F8E3 –  Overflow. Make sure the drain hose and drain pump filter are not plugged. Verify functionality of water inlet valve, water level sensor, and drain pump. 

F9E1 –  Long drain. Check drain hose installation for proper height, check drain hose and filter for obstructions, and make sure drain hose is not sealed into drain pipe. 


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