WFC7500VW0 Whirlpool 24 inch Front Load Washer

The model WFC7500VW0 we’re looking at today arrived on the market around 2008 but is still around. It’s a compact unit at 24” wide and fits nicely in tight spaces.

This machine is a good indicator of how much front load washers changed in the 10 years since their introduction.

When you open this machine up and look around, it doesn’t look like a normal Whirlpool washer – because it isn’t.

I won’t go into why but suffice it to say that Whirlpool still makes most parts for this machine which should show you how popular this machine is in 2022.

If you own one of these units, take comfort in knowing they work well and normally don’t break down because of a bad design. I could name a few that do, but I won’t go into that.

Like every other machine ever made, they will break and cause a headache sometimes. But that’s the nature of man-made machines. When you learn how to fix them, you’re in a much better place.

But as always, if you run into a problem that you don’t understand or if you need more help, feel free to book an appointment at Neli. We can help you troubleshoot the problem and get things going again.

I like how the error codes for this model are almost always spot on. Other manufacturers will get you close, but rarely nail it like Whirlpool. That said, let’s continue to the error codes. I left out a few obscure codes you will probably never see. Remember you can always refer to the Tech Sheet located on the inside cover of the bottom panel.

WFC7500VW0 Fault/Error Codes


No water detected entering machine or the pressure switch trip wasn’t detected. Water level is not reached within a defined time in normal wash cycle.


Long drain. If the drain time exceeds 4 minutes, the water valves turn off. Rotate the selection knob to clear the display.


Similar to the A09 error. No pressure switch trip detected based on a timer in the EEPROM parameter set in the main control. This error happens when no water entered the unit, hoses are kinked, or the inlet water faucets are off.


Overflow condition (flood mode). If the pressure switch doesn’t detect a drop in water level at the right time, it’s assumed there’s a clogged pump or the inlet valves are stuck open. In either case, the machine keeps the door locked and turns on the drain pump for approximately 10 minutes, then unlocks the door.

CAUTION: If water is still in the basket, confirm the level isn’t high enough to leak out before opening the door.


Long drain. After 4 minutes of drain time and water still remains, this error code shows. It’s a probable sign of a clogged or defective drain pump.


Water temperature sensor is out of range. If the negative temperature coefficient thermistor (NTC) senses temps below 23 Degrees F or above 217 Degrees F during a wash cycle, this error code will show.


Drive motor tachometer error. If the control can’t detect motor speed, the machine shuts down.


Motor overspeed. Whenever the control can’t control the motor speed, the motor turns off, and the control waits for a zero RPM reading. It will then try again and throw the error code if the same problem occurs.


Door lock error. If the door doesn’t lock after several attempts within 10 seconds, the error shows.

F14 & F21

These are communication errors that usually result in the replacement of one or both of the CCU and the UI. Before condemning either board, reseat all the connections to the boards. You can also use the Tech Sheet included with your machine for help in diagnosing.


Load detected during a clean washer cycle.

The auto-sensing circuit will detect a forgotten load inside the machine when you attempt a clean cycle. Remove the load and continue.


Pressure switch error. Don’t argue with this one. The water level doesn’t agree with the CCU EEPROM settings. Replace the pressure switch.


Water inlet valve leakage or overflow failure. The pressure switch detected an overflow condition more than 5 times, with each occurrence shorter than 2 seconds. This means the water level is increasing inside the washer when it’s not expected.

F27 & F28

Motor control unit failure (MCU). Either a motor reversing error or a high-speed switch error caused the problem. Replace the MCU.


Door switch error. This means the control did not detect the door was opened or closed for the 3 consecutive cycles.


Door lock broken or door switch error. The control detected an open in the door switch with the door locked.


Suds lock (overdose of detergent). If the pressure switch detects suds during the drain cycle or during spin, the washer automatically enters the Suds Detection Mode.

The washer fills with ¾ gallon of water, rests for 10 minutes with no agitation. After, the drain cycle starts. If the error occurred during the spin cycle, the machine starts spinning again.

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We hope this information helps you troubleshoot your washer and get it running again. But as you know, you can always reach out to us and book an appointment with one of our certified technicians. We’re always glad to help!


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