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As you might expect, there will come a time when you need to find that model and serial number sticker on your GE washer or dryer. It’s not the most thrilling thing to do, but trust me when I say it’s a relief knowing you have them when they’re needed!

Whether you’re registering your appliance for warranty, searching for parts, or booking a diagnosis appointment with Neli, that little sticker is your resource for all things specific to your machine.

I’ll guide you through how to find that sticker, but have you ever wondered why those seemingly useless numbers are important?

Importance of Model and Serial Numbers

They act as unique identifiers for each product and provide valuable information about the specific make, model, and serial number. And when it comes to your GE washer or dryer, knowing these numbers can save you money, a ton of time, and less hassle with insurance companies.

I have a very recent example of the importance of recording your model and serial numbers. During a video call with an anxious customer whose top load washer lid was locked, he could not read the sticker under the lid.

He did have the numbers from the original purchase but not the complete number. It so happened the main control needed replacing, and to receive the correct version, we needed the entire number, but the last character of the model number was missing.

That meant I had to search for the correct part number for each machine version and hope he could remove the console to write down the part number from the board. From there, we need to cross-reference that number to determine the correct part number. Lots of work could have been avoided with a copy of the sticker stored in a safe place.

Here’s a Pro Tip about model and serial numbers. Please save yourself a headache and do not submit the numbers given to you by the seller when you purchased the machine.

They usually only provide the machine series, not the model number specific to yours. Instead, find and record the model and serial numbers directly from the sticker on your machine.  

And Why They’re Crucial for Repairs and Warranties 

I’m purposely being repetitive here by telling you again why the full model and serial numbers are so important.   

  1. Accurate Part Replacement: Know where to find the model and serial numbers if you need to fix your GE appliance. This way, you’ll always find the right parts, and you won’t waste your time and avoid frustration. Different models have their own special parts that fit only certain models, so having this info can help you avoid any hiccups or delays in getting it fixed.
  2. Warranty Claims: If your GE washer or dryer is still under warranty, you’ll need to give the full model and serial numbers when making a warranty claim. The company or whoever is authorized to fix it needs these numbers to check if the warranty covers your appliance.
  3. Support: If you ever need to contact customer service, have the correct model and serial numbers handy. This helps them quickly give you the best answers for your specific appliance. Knowing these numbers makes the repair and warranty claims go a lot smoother.

Here’s where to find them:

Location, Location, Location… 

The sticker’s location can vary depending on your washer and dryer’s specific type and model. That said, there are some usual spots where you’re likely to find it. I’ve included the following pics that show the normal locations for the stickers:

Location of GE Space Saver Laundry Center Units Model and Serial Numbers

For GE Laundry Center units, which combine a washer and dryer into a single unit, you’ll typically find the model and serial number sticker inside the front face of the dryer compartment or along the edge of the dryer door.

Location of GE Top Load Washer Model and Serial Number

In GE top-load washers, the model and serial number sticker is commonly located in a few possible spots: under the lid near the right hinge, on the exterior back of the control panel, at the exterior bottom left corner, or near the water inlets on the exterior back.

GE Dryer Mod and Ser Number Locations

With standalone GE dryers, the model and serial number stickers are usually found on the inside of the door or the door frame.

To locate the model and serial number sticker on your GE washer and dryer, take a look at the areas of your appliance suggested here. Once you’ve found it, I suggest storing a picture somewhere safe, such as with your other important papers or as a picture on your phone stored in the cloud. 

You can also visit https://www.geappliances.com/ge/find-model-serial-number/ for more help finding your model and serial number. 

No Model and Serial Numbers AvailableOkay, so there you have it! The best reasons I can think of to be aware of how to find your model and serial number for your GE washer or dryer. But the same goes for every appliance you own. Don’t let yours end up like the ones in the picture that couldn’t be serviced because no one could find the model or serial number! 

Remember, if you have an issue with your washer or dryer, you can contact Neli, and we’ll walk you through it and show you where to find that pesky sticker!    

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