Virtual Appliance Repair Is The Future

Certain things are simpler if we do them ourselves. But a little expertise is always appreciated. That’s why Neli was created, to give people assistance on their home appliance repairs.

With Neli, expensive in-home visits are a thing of the past. Our experienced technicians work with you over video chat to diagnose and repair your appliance. Here’s how it works:

1) Book your appointment online at a time that works for you.

2) Video chat with your Neli Technician. They’ll help you diagnose your broken appliance.

3) If your repair requires a part, we’ll let you know. Our parts sales department will guide you through the process of ordering one. If your appliance does not require a part, your Neli Technician will guide you through the repair.

4) If a part is required, make another appointment once the part is received. Your Neli Technician will guide you through the part installation and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Never done a DIY repair? Don’t worry, Neli brings a wealth of experience to your phone screen. And there are no hidden fees. Make an appointment to get started for just $35.

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Virtual Diagnosis

  • Appliance Problem Diagnosis
  • Guided Repair If No Replacement Part Is Required
  • Recommendation Of Parts & Tools
  • Text, Phone Call, And Video Chat With A Technician
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Virtual Repair

  • Part Installation
  • Guided Appliance Repair
  • Step By Step Instructions On Repair
  • Text, Phone Call, And Video Chat With A Technician
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Money = Saved

"I used Neli Home to diagnosis my refrigerator. John S. was very knowledgeable and helpful in diagnosing the problem. Lucky for us it was a minor repair. This is a wonderful service that was quick and efficient and affordable. Unlike the other place that I called that wanted to charge me $89-129 for a diagnostic and could not come out until about 2 weeks later. I definitely will use Neli Home again for future appliance issues. I will tell all my friends and family about this service also. Thank you John S and Neli Home for such wonderful customer service."

Neli Home - Online Customer Service with Technician

Technicians = Expert

"Excellent, the tech was able to access and direct in fixing the problem immediately. The problem occurred on a Sunday, thought I would lose all my food or have to buy a new refrigerator. We have it fixed in no time!!!"

Neli Home - Customer Performing Dishwasher Repair with Help from Technician

Repair = Easy

"Outstanding. James was patient, thorough, helped me find the problem, and walked me through how to fix it! I spent a total of $35 to fix a problem that I didn't know how to fix. It would have cost so much more to bring in a repair pro. I like fixing things myself but don't always know how or what the issue is. From now on, I'm calling Neli Virtual Appliance Repair!"

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