Guidelines for Submission

For Warranty and Direct-to Customers

Expectations for Diagnoses

Read below for the guidelines and expectations for a diagnosis

  1. An accurate Diagnosis
    • An accurate diagnosis is a necessity for handling claims prevent callbacks. While maintaining accuracy virtually is more difficult, endeavor to provide full and complete information on all possible problems with a particular machine.
    • Please use all resources available for the most accurate virtual diagnostic possible.
  2. A complete diagnosis
    • A complete diagnosis, with all possible repairs and outcomes is necessary for warranties when handling claims. Give your best determination using tech resources when virtually diagnosing appliances.
    • Include part numbers and prices for part numbers at retail, not wholesale
  3. Note on the diagnosis if:
    – Customer couldn’t connect to video chat or refused to do so and only wanted phone call
    – Customer was unhelpful/belligerent/insulting

Note how long the repair will take with recommended parts (best guess)

Heat index:

  • Issue Resolved on Call
  • Easy Self Repair Level 1
  • Complex Self Repair Customer willing to fix Level 2
  • In Person Technician Recommended Level 4
  • Complete Unit Replacement Recommended Level 5

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