Fixing a Broken Appliance

It’s easier than you think

The Old Way Appliance Repair

The average cost for an in-home appliance repair service


The cost for a Neli appliance repair


How to Get Started

To start a service session chat request  with a technician, begin by clicking the “ASK A TECH” button. As a friendly reminder, payment is required before a technician can help you diagnose or repair an appliance.

Neli Tin Lizzee

We can be “Virtually There” with you through our app.

If you feel that the diagnosis or repair session would be more helpful if you could “show” the technician the problem, you can request the Neli Virtually There™ service.

Virtually There Overview

The flashlight, zoom and autofocus features give you and your Neli Technician the ability to capture the detail needed for a successful diagnosis or repair session.

Remote camera sharing lets the technician see anything you see, resulting in faster repair time.

Tin Lizzee

Using the App

  • Your current chat session will change from the to the Neli APP.
  • You will keep chatting with the same Neli Tech, but your chat will not have the same “thread” because you are changing devices that you are chatting on.
  • Not to worry, keep your (web browser) chat open and your tech is right there with you. Even if you close your browser, go back to on the same browser and click the chat widget, your tech will still be there!

Screen Annotations

In addition to seeing the mobile camera, Virtually There lets the technician annotate the video feed on your phone.

The tech walks you through appliance troubleshooting and repairing. The tech uses a video marker to draw or make other annotations on your screen. The video freezes when the tech begins to write on the screen.

This screen drawing allows customers of all experience levels the ability to repair their own appliance. 
Seeing what you see can drastically reduce repair time.

With Virtually There on your mobile APP, you can use chat or the phone itself to communicate with the Technician while connected.

Neli Washer Repair
It’s free with your service session!

Download before or after beginning your chat with our technician- whatever works for you!

There are some situations where you shouldn’t attempt to repair an appliance yourself, even with Neli’s help. Taking on these types of repairs may worsen the situation, cause serious injury, or a home fire or flood.

For safety reasons, repairs that require the following must be done for you by a qualified professional.

  • Connection of gas lines or plumbing pipes to an appliance
  • Replacing a compressor in a refrigerator
  • Rewiring an appliance
  • Connection of gas lines or plumbing pipes

You should also avoid trying to fix anything that might emit toxins into your home.