Save over $200 on in home appliance repair

Don’t break the bank, Neli virtual appliance repair is just a click away.



Virtual Diagnosis + Repair

Limited time offer
($35 for diagnosis + $35 repair)

To celebrate our new name, we are offering diagnosis and repair for the price of one! A certified Neli technican will guide you through your diagnosis and repair, step by step, via video chat, text, or phone call. We will even break if you need to run to the store for parts.



Virtual Diagnosis

Our Neli technician will assess your appliance, diagnosis it, and tell you how to fix it! We will also include recommended parts and tools to help you get started.



Virtual Hand Holding + Repair

After diagnosis, a Neli technician will guide you through your repair, step by step, via video chat, text, or phone call. We will even break if you need to run to the store for parts.


Repaired Electric Dryer Heat

It went great, this is a unique service, for DIY-ers. My electric dryer wouldn’t heat, so I went on line and diagnosed the problem and ordered the parts. I also watched several how to videos, but none of them matched my dryer. Finally went on Angie’s list and it matched me up with Tin Lizzee which is a chat service to help you through your repair. The technician I talked with was polite, professional, and knowledgeable. I did get stuck during the repair and they called me on my cell and talked me through what I needed to do. I know I saved a lot of money by not having an appliance repair person come to my house with the mark up on parts and labor rates per hour I believe I saved at least half of the cost, if not more from ordering on line and chatting and talking to the Tin Lizzee technician, it was $30 well spent.

Helped Washer Drain Again

Washer wouldn’t drain, almost paid another company $100 to come out and take a look at it. It only cost about $25.00 to realize that my washer needs a new pump. Satisfied with the service.

Fixed the Dishwasher

I LOVE that a service like yours exist, and that it makes it possible for an average Joe like me to fix my own dishwasher. It makes me feel empowered and competent. I feel like we took my dishwasher ownership to the next level. True ownership is when you’ve repaired it (even if you needed some help). Thanks for the good advice.
"I used Neli to diagnosis my refrigerator. John S. was very knowledgeable and helpful in diagnosing the problem. Lucky for us it was a minor repair. This is a wonderful service that was quick and efficient and affordable. Unlike the other place that I called that wanted to charge me $89-129 for a diagnostic and could not come out until about 2 weeks later. I definitely will use Neli again for future appliance issues. I will tell all my friends and family about this service also. Thank you John S and Neli for such wonderful customer service."  
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