Property Management Appliance Repair 

Our techs work with your maintenance personnel remotely, through video chat for $35.


Tenant Appliance Issues solved!

Neli is your tenant’s first contact from an appliance work order. When your tenant has an appliance issue, Neli will do the initial diagnosis with your tenant over video chat. Once we know the appliance issue, with approval we can send the replacement part to be installed by your maintenance personel.

Tenant Appliance Work Orders

  • Neli gets the tenant's appliance work order
  • Neli techs video with your tenant and diagnose the issue
  • Neli sends the replacement part to the unit
  • Your maintenance installs the part
  • Neli provides support for maintenance
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Maintenance Diagnostic Support

  • Neli techs work with your maintenance personal
  • No need to call an outside servicer
  • On-demand help
  • By appointment help
  • Lower repair costs and time
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Maintenance can get appliance troubleshooting help now.  Click the Neli CHAT bubble or book an appointment.

You can book an appointment with a Neli experienced technician at a time when you know you will be at the unit.

Keep them loving your property with fast efficient repairs

Neli delivers an efficient support experience for maintenance personnel diagnostic help

Neli Tech on Call with Homeowner