Virtually There

Enables your technician see the remote video camera on your
iPhone or Android device.

The flashlight, zoom and autofocus features give you and your Neli Technician the ability to capture the detail needed for a successful diagnosis or repair session.

Remote camera sharing lets the technician see anything you see, resulting in faster repair time.

In addition to seeing the mobile camera, Virtually There lets the technician annotate the video feed on your phone.

The tech walks you through appliance troubleshooting and repairing. The tech uses a video marker to draw or make other annotations on your screen. The video freezes when the tech begins to write on the screen.

This screen drawing allows customers of all experience levels the ability to repair their own appliance.

Seeing what you see can drastically reduce repair time.

With Virtually There on your mobile APP, you can use chat or the phone itself to communicate with the Technician while connected.