App Troubleshooting guide

Unstable connection

– Check that you are connected to Wi-Fi, not data. The app works best when connected to Wi-Fi.

– Check your Wi-Fi signal Internet speed. Prior to the appointment, you can do a speed test on the Vision Live app.

App doesn't load, or loads forever after clicking connection link

– Confirm that you have accepted the camera and microphone permissions. If you have not, toggle the camera button on and off. Accept the camera permission. Then toggle the microphone on and off. Accept the microphone permission.

– Confirm that you are on Wi-Fi, not data

– For iPhone users, it may be necessary to close the app completely. Then click on the text message connection link again. Having app open before clicking on the link sometimes causes loading issues.

Session invalid

– Check that you are connected to Wi-Fi. This error results in being on data and not Wi-Fi.