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Repaired Side By Side Refrigerator

"This was a unique service that ended up being extremely helpful towards my problem. My side by side fridge/freezer was dropped during a recent house move which rendered the freezer door to not close shut. After calling the moving company to fix the situation, they set me up with Neli to assist in the matter. The virtual technician was wonderful to work with and patient as he guided me to what the problem was and a resolution to fixing it, along with specific part numbers needed for replacement items. This was a great first time virtual technician experience for me after being hesitant towards using it, because I’m not the most mechanically inclined. I would highly recommend this service to anyone based on affordability, ease of use, and knowledgeable assistance."

Repaired Oven and Soldered Control Board

"Harmond W. was awesome! He walked me through diagnosing the problem and then once we had figured out what was wrong he worked with me on how to fix it. My oven had a bad connection on the control board and unfortunately those boards aren't available for my oven anymore. So he walked me through how to look at the board and determine if the relay connection had burned out. Sure enough he had and I was able to solder it and the oven is working again! He saved me about $1,500 on a new oven. Would definitely use this service again."

Fixed the Dishwasher

"I used Neli to diagnosis my refrigerator. John S. was very knowledgeable and helpful in diagnosing the problem. Lucky for us it was a minor repair. This is a wonderful service that was quick and efficient and affordable. Unlike the other place that I called that wanted to charge me $89-129 for a diagnostic and could not come out until about 2 weeks later. I definitely will use Neli again for future appliance issues. I will tell all my friends and family about this service also. Thank you John S and Neli for such wonderful customer service."

Refrigerator Repair

"It was not an easy job at all, but the patience and clear instructions of Wally C. from Neli Virtual Appliance Repair made it possible, and successful. Experience with tools and mechanical assembly required for my tasks, but Wally thought I could do it and he was right. If I couldn't complete the repair, I would have at least been sure of the diagnosis when I engaged a repair service. Money well spent either way. It's a brave new world!

Refrigerator Repair

"Diagnosis was accurate. Part number was given so we were able to get it ourselves the same day and immediately make the repair. We were drying clothes that night!"

Haier RefrigeratorRepair

"Don, thank you for your help!  You were the best technician that I have worked with in years!  First, you are the same person we talked to briefly initially, which helps with continuity.  You listened, responded knowledgeably to questions asked, were specific about parts problems and availability and prognosis, and sent immediate follow up e mail.  BRAVO!  Would that customer service was so excellent everywhere! With gratitude, Hilary"

Dryer Fixed Same Day

"Thomas was wonderful. Couldn’t say enough about his professionalism, expertise and mannerism. It was sheer joy working with him. Strong tech and wonderful person too. He even rage me price and part availability from Amazon. What else can one expect. Just perfect."

Dishwasher Not Filling

"This is an incredible service. I am blown away!! Phillip is a great guy. I will definitely be using him again for our rental properties."
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