Well… Neli’s beginnings wasn’t exactly that dramatic, but at the time it sure felt like it.

How Neli Came To Be

I, a mother of four, went to do laundry one night when –shock and horror!– the washing machine started making an awful noise and stopped working. At the time, we just didn’t have the money to get a new machine and did not want to pay for another expensive in-home repair service.

Out where I live in rural North Carolina, there aren’t any laundromats close by and there is no guarantee that a repairman could come anytime within a week. As such, I was determined to figure out what was wrong with the machine and fix it myself. 

Searching, Searching, Searching…

I tried searching on the internet for answers. I typed in everything from “broken washing machine” to an entire essay filled with pinpoint details in an effort to describe the situation.

With every search, countless videos and articles appeared, all of them showing different washers with different problems. None had the advice and expertise I truly needed. It took me over 5 hours (on a Sunday nonetheless) to form a hypothesis on what the problem might be.

“I just wish I could just show someone this problem!”

I repeated this to myself many times in my frustration. After spending what felt like years of my life digging through content on washing machine repairs, I had finally found a video featuring my exact washing machine model, making the same exact noise that I was hearing. 

The video told me that the root of all of my washing machine (and now life) woes was a faulty water pump.

Problem solved, right?

Wrong. The video left out a very important part: How to actually replace or repair the water pump.

Searching, Searching, Searching… Again

After more searching, and some acetaminophen for the headache this ordeal had brought on, I was able to order a replacement pump. However, I still wasn’t completely sure that I needed the replacement pump nor if I ordered the correct part.

Now came the next step- try to fix the machine without ruining it. Back to the videos! After more searching and watching, I found one video that talked about replacing a water pump, but it was not the same brand or part.

I did manage to replace the pump through trial and error, but the process was frustrating and time-consuming. And, most importantly, it’s not something I’d ever want to do again if an easier and cost-effective solution was available. 

I kept saying to myself,

“If I just could have shown a technician my problem with my phone, I know the tech would have known in a minute or two what the problem was and how to fix it.”

I was more than elated that we were able to fix it ourselves, but convinced that it took way too long and that finding accurate, reliable information on the internet was far too difficult.

Thus, the idea for Neli was born. An easy, cost-effective way to diagnose problems and repair appliances by connecting people to qualified appliance repair technicians.

Neli ensures that people like you and me will never have to choose between an expensive, in-home repair technician and a time-consuming, headache-inducing DIY appliance repair. Book your appointment with us today and thank you for choosing Neli.


Mary Nelson

Founder & CEO

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